Protect Your Investment

The Zurich Advantage is peace of mind and comprehensive protection as you ‘Take to the Road’ Keeping You & Your Vehicle on the Road!

Eliminate major, unexpected repair costs related to vehicle ownership while maintaining the operation, safety and resale value of your vehicle.


Considered “Health Insurance” for your vehicle – Plans provide payment for parts and labor costs to repair or replace major components including engine, transmission, drive axle, suspension, steering, heating, air conditioning and electrical/computer systems. Dealerships and licensed repair facilities across the U.S. and Canada honor Zurich Vehicle Service Contracts. Plans include; Emergency Roadside Assistance, Towing, Rental Vehicle Reimbursement and Trip Interruption coverage.


Today’s specialty tires and custom wheels are more expensive than ever before. Roads are in the poorest condition in recent history. Uneven road surfaces (potholes, cracks, etc.) or road debris (metal, wood, glass, nails) easily damage tires & wheels and create costly repairs not covered by auto insurance. Road Hazard Tire & Wheel pays to repair/replace tires & wheels including costs for mounting, balancing, valve stems and taxes – No deductibles or limit to the number of repair claims.


If your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair (total loss), insurance companies pay Actual Cash Value (A.C.V.) for your vehicle and NOT what you may owe your lender. Zurich GAP coverage is ‘Debt Cancellation’ to help eliminate what you still owe on your auto loan. A GAP claim also pays your insurance deductible up to $1,000.


Keeping Your Vehicle Looking Great!
‘Appearance’ is the #1 factor in the purchase and resale/trade-in value of automobiles. Zurich appearance protection products keep your vehicle looking great during your ownership period and help maintain its value. Appearance protection products can even help vehicle leasing customers avoid/lessen lease-end damage charges. Consider these products individually or in a combination ‘value package’.


Parking lots, falling tree debris and other circumstances can create minor, unsightly dents & dings to your vehicle’s exterior. Premier Dent Coverage repairs these when there is no need for sanding, fillers or painting. Repairs are often complete with in an hour and can sometimes be done at your home or office. There is no deductible or limit to the number of repair claims.


Help control your auto insurance costs by dramatically reducing damage to your windshield from chips, cracks and breakage with Zurich Windshield protection. ‘Diamond Fusion Technology’ is used to fill windshield surface peaks and valleys to strengthen glass, reduce light refraction and improve day & night-time visibility. A hydrophobic barrier is created that helps repel water, oils, and road grime. Strengthen and protect what protects you from the open road – your windshield.


The Treatment
Auto manufacturers provide NO warranty for their vehicle’s paint & interior components from damage due to environmental conditions and everyday use. The total appearance protection system has polymer coatings that protect your vehicle’s paint and interior. The Treatment Advanced Technology will pay to repair/replace/repaint damage from aid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, U.V. rays, food/pet stains and may other conditions. Keep your vehicle looking as new as possible and make it as easy to keep clean with The Treatment Advanced Technology.


Leasing Section:



The end of your lease term with GM Financial doesn’t have to mean the end of your driving experience in a GM vehicle. Options await as you decide on your next steps in the leasing process. Let GM Financial help guide you through the End-of-Lease process, and find selections that best fit you.


Excess Wear and Tear Protection:

Garber Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is proud to now offer Excess Wear and Tear Protection. You can’t always plan for the everyday obstacles of the road but you can get covered for them. If you have color spots, inside or out; minor dents or scratches in the car paint; or even windshield or mirror damage; you can have it taken care of thanks to this new insurance package. With AutoGuard EWT, you’ll have peace of mind at the end of your lease.

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